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So, what is this site all about?


I set up Environmentally Conscious (EC) in 2016 as a way to show people what they can do to help with environmental issues. I have been lucky enough to have a great education on this topic and I wanted to share what I have learned in a clear and concise way. I didn't want to preach or shout, and I definitely didn't want to make people feel bad. 

EC is a site about the power of individual action. Many people have asked me what they could do to make a difference, and I wanted to show them. I wanted to talk to normal people about the power of individual action. This site isn’t for environmentalists, it is for their friends who are not quite sure what to do.

Our Mission


The mission is simple, I want to arm you with the information you need to understand and tackle the problems our planet faces. And I want to inspire people to get involved, to stand up to those who misrepresent the facts and to fight for meaningful change against global warming and climate change.  

I want you to be more environmentally conscious.

Why do it?


Many people are immediately pushed away from environmental websites because of their style, tone or their perceived political leanings. There are too many environmental websites that look cheap and cheesy. And there are far too many environmental websites that miscommunication or mix-up the message. 

I wanted EC to be a neutral source. A place where people can search for the information they need, and I wanted to explain the common misconceptions in a simple way that hopefully can help people understand and act on the issues we face. 


Everything presented on site is verified and backed by science. There is nothing new, it is simply a collection of everything that has been talked about already - cleared up and saved in one place. 

How am I doing it?


Using my previous experience working in digital media I wanted to overcome problems I saw in other websites. If the average attention span is 3 minutes, then I wanted to use that 3 minutes wisely:

Simple User journey – There is no click to reveal content, no redirects. All information is available on first opening and without clicking on anything.


Respect my users – There are no tracking cookies, there are no sign-ups or opt-ins required. I don’t want to create reminder fatigue or use cheap tricks like pop-ups.


Cut the crap - I try to use simple and concise language, I want to demystify the issues and teach the core principles. All content is scaled back, there are no silly animations and absolutely no preaching.

Simple User Journey

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Who am I?

My Name is Seán Mallon and I am a climate change Specialist for the world’s largest conservation organisation, where I provide technical expertise to businesses on issues surrounding climate change and sustainability.


I have two degrees in sustainability and climate topics and I have previously worked as an environmental consultant.


I have been a passionate advocate for environmental issues from a young age and have been involved in environmental campaigning for nearly 10 years.


The Climate Coalition


EC is a member of The Climate Coalition (TCC), an organisation dedicated to action against climate change in the United Kingdom. Working with the government, NGOs and private sector companies to commit to doing whatever is necessary to protect nature.

It is a group of over 140 organisations, representing more than 22 million people -  all calling for stronger policy on environmental issues.   


Through the Climate Coalition, we have been a part of; 

  • groundbreaking campaigns like the Mass Lobby

  • exciting awareness events like Great Big Green Week,

  • petitions to the UK government for new Net-Zero legislation,stronger action at COP 26, stopping the Cambo Oil field and many other great campaign moments.   


How to support the site


This is a not-for-profit website that doesn't charge users for any content. We are are happy to be helping.


If you would like to support​ the site, please feel free to donate below. Any money donated would be appreciated, and put to good use.

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